VisionProject Feature Tour - Time/Cost Management

Manage estimates, actual times, costs and resources

With VisionProject you can estimate your user stories (or tasks), continuously update remaining time and you automatically get the current status of your project or version. This will also give you an up to date view of the estimated time/cost as well as the current spent time (according to budget).

You can also manage available resources for your project or versions and see if anyone is over-allocated.


By using the “Estimated time” and “Remaining time” fields on the issues you can always see how healthy your project is. You can easily edit estimated times and remaining times for issues included in a version and get an updated Burn-down chart and Burn-up chart. Project summary

Time tracking

With VisionProject you can track the time you work on an issue with ease. Simply log the time you work on an issue, and then the information can for example be used by the project lead to generate a Work log report. Tracked time, together with cost/billing settings, form the basis of how much money is spent or generated.

You can choose to put in your time in different areas of VisionProject. One very easy way to add time is by right-clicking on an issue to get the context menu. You then fill in what you did and how much time you spent doing it. Of course you can do this in the issue as well or even by entering “Time” on the left hand panel.

Edit worklog


The estimated/current cost and the estimated/current billing amount, can be seen on each project or version that you have.

Version cost


Human resources can be allocated to projects and/or versions. This is very powerful to be able to plan the versions correctly and to know how much should be possible to solve.

Resource availability Resource availability Resource allocation report Resource allocation