VisionProject Feature Tour - Version Management

VisionProject supports planning and working in different versions inside the project. Versions are called different things, depending on what kind of project methodology you are using (for example, Sprint, Release, Iteration, Milestone, etc). Therefore, of course you will be able to set your own name for version and it will apply to the whole system.

When working with issues you will be able to assign them to a version. You will be able to create builds and VisionProject will automatically create your Release Notes.


By working with versions you will be able to get a more detailed view of your project for a specific time range. Since you can assign your issues to a version, you can also easily track in which version/build a specific issue was found in and in which version/build the issue was completed.

If you use resource management, you can also see summaries for time and costs for the version, as well as how many hours users are assigned to work on the version.

For a version you can get the same information as for the whole project. Please refer to the text about how to manage projects, to find information on graphs and other information that is available.

Version management

Burn-down chart

By using the Estimated time and Remaining time fields on issue you can always see how healty your project is. You can easily edit estimated times and remaining times for issues included in a version and get an updated Burn-down chart.

Burn-down chart

Release notes

Automatically created release notes when an issue has been completed. The text that you fill in as release text for each issue in the version will automatically be put together as release notes for that release.

Edit a release note

Edit release note

The Release notes list

Release notes