VisionProject Feature Tour - Email integration

VisionProject supports a tight integration between your inbox and your projects. Not only do you get notifications, you can also update and create new tickets directly from your email and also send issue lists periodically. The whole communication with your clients can be done through VisionProject.

Email notifications

VisionProject comes with a flexible e-mail notification scheme. Setup your projects to send e-mail notifications, to the role/user/group that you wish, when:

  • a new issue has been created
  • when an issue has changed
  • when a document has been added to the project
  • when an issue has been transfered or copied
  • etc, etc

Notifications list

Ticket system

Integrate your support e-mail or bug reporting e-mail account into VisionProject. Every email to the account will end up as an issue in a project in $VisionProject and you can also use the integrated spam filter! Along with the Alert/escalation feature you will not miss a customer email again!

Ticket system

Another feature in the ticket system is "Processing rules" where you can define actions to be done on the issues created by incoming emails, based on selected criteria.
This is very powerful to use if you, for example, have a monitoring system creating tickets via email. This way the ticket can be correctly configured with the correct priority from the beginning.

Processing rules

Scheduled reports

VisionProject can periodically send a search result!

Search subscription
Usage sample: you can for example let VisionProject email you a list of issues that is "due in the next 24 hours" every Monday to Friday at 08:00.